Weekend Projects

Weekend Projects

My brother, [who abandoned me by moving an hour away last year… and then had a kid… which means my nephew is also an hour away… which means my brother is high on my ish list…] whom I love dearly, occasionally gets time to come and visit me. Mostly, I tell him that his to-do list has grown and he needs to MAKE time before it gets out of control.

This past weekend was no exception. After spending $200 [sheezus] at Lowe’s, we: fixed a dead plug in my kitchen, sealed a hole in the weather stripping in my front door, put my Christmas decorations (that were never actually placed over my mantel with care, oops) back in the attic, replaced the globe on my back porch ceiling fan (that broke after my brother and I had an argument about how secure it was/wasn’t the last time he was here. NOTE: I was right), replaced some burned out light bulbs (because what good is a man if he can’t help you do that?), and measured some back yard space for a future raised garden bed (more on that later!).

Also, as you can see in the picture above, we (okay he) installed some led rope lights around my back porch! I used to think these were skating rink cheesy when I saw them as exposed light fixtures. However, on my back porch, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out! They cast a warm, soft glow over the whole porch (enough to give me good aim should anyone else try to break in, so try it suckers), but it’s not enough light to come through closed blinds into the house or annoy the neighbors.

Verdict: A very expensive, though productive weekend. Success! Although, brother was not interested in eating my one pan pasta because, “he a man. He need meat.”


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